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Lucknow city is located in the region which was previously known as Awadh. Awadh region has got a historical significance in pre-independence India. This historical city has a mix of several different cultures. Lucknow is also known as the city of Nawabs.

Lucknow, the city of gardens is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. This city is also known as the golden city of east and one of the finest cities of India. Lucknow derives its name from Lakshman, the Lord Rama’s younger brother. Lucknow is situated at an alitude of 123 meters above the sea level on the banks of the Gomti river in the heart of eastern UP and surrounded by the unrelentingly flat Gangetic plain. Lucknow was the principal centre of the erstwhile Awadh province. Even while keeping pace with modern developments, Lucknow has preserved its golden past and its sublime culture – the Lucknawi Tehzib. Lucknow has also been the home of various poets and writers of Hindu-urdu literature, dance, music and delicious cuisine. The fascinating ‘Chikankari’ or exquisite shadow work embroidery on fine muslin cloth is also known worldwide. Hindu, Urdu and English are the main languages which are spoken in Lucknow. The best season to visit Lucknow is from October to March.